I have played Celtic harp since 1980.  I combine a Celtic and Medieval repertoire with original and other fun songs from different genres.  I played harp and guitar in the band Ceoltóirí with Sue Richards and Rebecca Lee Finster.

I played a variety of instruments (including guitar, banjo, clavichord, and - of course - harp) in the Madison Wisconsin-based Irish band, Lughnasa, with John Kraniak and Alison Bush.

I also played Celtic harp in the Ithaca based Crossáin with John Beatty.

I have released five solo albums: ‘Harps In Space’, 'The Fun Stuff', 'HarpStrings', and 'Gloomy Winters Noo Awa’’(with songs and melodies), and "Just Nice" (all instrumentals).  I also partnered with with Lisa Craig Fenwick on a harp and flute album, ‘In Midnight’s Silence’, and played harp on a number of other albums.

Lately I have been making harp videos, some from my serious repertoire, and many funny ones.  Some of the video songs are also on my albums.

— Dan Veaner