Caleno Custure me


OK, so this one isn’t funny on the face of it - but I think it is. Whoever wrote this song in the 16th century was really, really, REALLY besotted with the maiden who is the object of his effusive praise. I only do three of the verses, but there are actually seven, each praising this woman’s physical attributes like a catalog of parts. And really, silver teeth and crystal eyes? Makes me think of those creepy Victorian dolls! Now that I’ve gotten THAT off my chest, I really love this melody. I have played it on my harp as a fingering exercise and to improvise variations for years - I have it in a book of Shakespeare songs -- it was mentioned humorously in Henry V. It was first printed in London in 1582, but some claim the title was mangled Irish Gaelic of a song title included in the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, which fuels a theory that it may be the oldest known written-down Irish song. . I just like it because it sounds nice, and it is fun to play variations on it. Celtic harp, Lyre More fun harp videos at — Website: Albums: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter:

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