Celestial Employment


A frequent questions for harp players is “What made you learn the harp?” I’ll answer that question with this song, which, by the way, is a true story. I got my private pilot’s license a year or two before taking up the harp, and it just stood to reason that I’d have guaranteed employment in the next world.

"Celestial Employment" is on my Album, "The Fun Stuff"

This video is a 2020 FunnyOrDie 'Best of the Web' nominee: https://bit.ly/2TGIGTa

“Celestial Employment” words and music Copyright © 2020 by Dan Veaner


Some say that angels don’t exist

But when I’m laid to rest

If I could have an angel’s job

I’ll know that I’ve been blessed

For when I die I want a job

So I had this idea

I’d learn to fly and play the harp

In that celestial sphere

I could have learned just for enjoyment

Harp and how to fly

But I want guaranteed employment

After, when I die

And when I reach the pearly gates

My resume to tell there

I know they’ll let me have the job

I know I will do well there

I’ll pluck my strings while soaring on

My cloud so fluffy soft

Maintaining lift and altitude

While plucking strings aloft


Two things I’ll be when I transcend

Are pilot and musician

And they result when I ascend

A guaranteed position

The best credentials you can have

Are playing harp or horn

Still better if you add to that

Play music while airborne.




Thanks to favpng.com for the Pearly Gate graphic.

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