Oh! That Gorgonzola Cheese


One of the joys of the old English music halls was the sing-alongs. Here is a rousing one by Harry Champion. "Oh! That Gorgonzola Cheese" is on my Album, "The Fun Stuff" at https://funnyharp.com/albums.html In our era “I am Henry the Eighth I am” is Harry Champion’s most famous song, though the old 1910 music hall song is popularly attributed to Herman and His Hermits, who, for the second time in the song’s history, turned it into a hit in 1965. Champion (his real name was William Henry Crump, but, then “Herman” wasn’t Peter Noone’s real name either) was a prolific music hall song writer, and my favorite of his songs is “Oh! That Gorgonzola Cheese”, guaranteed to stir up an audience in the middle of a harp set. I do it as audience participation, so please sing along with the chorus. I had a similar experience years ago when I was traveling in England with my friend Phillip, a gentle soul and an avid Anglophile. We were sharing a room in an inn, and I walked in to an incredibly off-putting stench. I asked Phillip what could possibly smell so foul. “Oh, he said mildly,” It’s a stilton cheese.” “Why is it on the shelf instead of a refrigerator?” I demanded. “Why,” Phillip replied, “Stilton is best at room temperature." Mercifully it didn’t take Phillip long to consume his cheese. Thanks to the National Gallery of Art for the stage and backdrop: https://www.nga.gov/collection/art-object-page.19846.html

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