The Way To A Man's Harp (is through his stomach)


Some country harp to answer the age old question:"What is the way to a man's harp?" "The Way to a Man's Harp" is on my “Harps In Space” album at "The Way to a Man's Harp" words and music Copyright 2020 by Dan Veaner --- In days of olde when bards abounded The music that they played astounded Inspiring troops in wars so tragic Spurring knights as if by magic Though harp song really is a treat It’s not the sort that you can eat The way to a man’s harp is through his stomach. A tasty hot meal will get him to strum it A nice slice of pie and he’ll happily hum it Meals for naturals and flats and for sharps That is the way to a harping man’s harp. When choosing professions the harp is best Shakespeare said it soothes the savage breast This world is full of stress and hurry The harp strings soothe and subdue your worry. Harp songs and tunes all have appeal Especially after a hearty meal.

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