Dan Veaner, Celtic Harper

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I love Celtic harp.  I combine a Celtic and Medieval repertoire with original and other fun songs.  I perform live, on recordings, and lately I have been making harp videos, some from my serious repertoire, and many funny ones.  Some of the video songs are on my newest albums .

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The Twa Corbies

Fingal's Cave

Celestial Employment’ was nominated for a 2020 ‘Best of the Web’ award. It came in 4th and it’s very cool that a harp video was in the running!

Celestial Employment is on my album, “The Fun Stuff

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The traditional Celtic harp repertoire is wonderful and sometimes haunting...

but sometimes you just want to let it rip with a good old music hall song.  Click for the live concert version.  Or for the harp video music hall version .

Oh! That Gorgonzola Cheese is on my album, “The Fun Stuff"


On Celtic harp: “The harp is very calming.  When I think I’m boogying people think I’m dead!”

On learning the harp: "Sylvia Woods wrote a great book called ‘Teach Yourself To Play the Folk Harp.”  So I did."

On How I Play: I am sometimes asked for arrangements, but, sadly, I don't have any because I play by ear.  That's why I have callouses on my lobes...

On Performing: "Some musicians simply perform the music.  Some make the music a performance.  A performance is always more fun."

On Celtic harp technique: "While performing in the band Lughnasa we sometimes played in pubs.  It became necessary to perfect a harp technique that involved deflecting flying bar stools while not missing a beat on the harp.  It was a bit like flipping sharping levers in the middle of a tune, but bigger.  And less predictable!"